Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I made a mistake or have updated information for our event that's already been posted, how do I correct it?

Answer: Go ahead and re-submit the event with the proper information. We'll notice that it's a dupe and we will post the most recent submission with the correct info.

Question: Do I need to be logged in to submit an event?

Answer: No. You can still submit an event (free or paid) without being logged in. However, if you are logged in then our system will remember your basic contact information, which makes it quicker for submitting a series of events in one sitting.

Need help posting an event?

The Oregon Nonprofit Event Calendar free for ALL NAO Members (regardless of business type), registered nonprofits, and government agencies. As we collect feedback and questions, we'll build a "Frequent Asked Questions" section on this page. You can also get in touch with us through if you'd like support over email or have feedback.

Here is the step by step process to submit an event, with details for each step.

Step 1: Submit the event form

You will need to complete the event submission form. You will find the link for "Submit Event" near the top of the calendar.

Most of the fields are required and it's important to enter valid contact information so participants know who to contact if they have questions about your event. The only fields which are not marked as “required” are location and website related because Webinars/Online events which don't have a real physical location, so to speak, or your event might not have a website, for example.

NOTE: All NAO Members, registered Nonprofits, and government agencies may post Nonprofit related events for free. Nonmember commercial businesses are asked to pay $25 fee per posting.

For Nonmember commercial businesses, after you submit the event form you will be redirected to a payment page. Please pay with a credit card, or 'Pay Later' by selecting that option and sending us a check.

If you think the payment didn't submit properly or you don't get an email receipt, please contact and we'll take care of it. Please make sure you include a contact phone number when you email us.

If your event is removed by NAO staff, you will be issued a refund for the charge within 30 days (likely much sooner).

Step 2: Wait 1-2 business days for approval

NAO staff will review and approve all events to ensure only Nonprofit related events are posted to the calendar and to prevent spam. We are notified automatically when you submit the event form and we're pretty watchful for those emails so the approval time is typically one business day, but may be up to 48 hours total.

More questions? Please email

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