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Effective Nonprofits are created and maintained for the benefit of the public, and pursue that which is fair, equitable and just. An effective nonprofit not only meets the requirements of the law, but also follows ethical practices and is formed and maintained for the public benefit above all.

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  • ORS Chapter 65 Changes, Starting A Nonprofit, Types of Nonprofits, State & Federal Resources
  • Nonprofit Legal Services, Nonprofit Insurance, Bylaws, Conflict of Interest, Ethics & Accountability
  • Fiscal Sponsorship, Mergers & Strategic Alliances

ORS Chapter 65 Changes 

Starting a Nonprofit 

Types of Nonprofits

State & Federal Resources

Nonprofit Legal Services

Nonprofit Insurance

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Conflict of Interest

Ethics and Accountability

Other Compliance 

Fiscal Sponsorship

Mergers & Strategic Alliances

Public Interest Management Group

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