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The Oregon Nonprofit Corporation Handbook

Authors: Cynthia Cumfer & Kay Sohl

The Oregon Nonprofit Corporation Handbook is the essential how-to guide for both emerging and established nonprofit organizations. The only complete guide for Oregon nonprofits, the Handbook is four great reference books in one: legal, tax exemption, management, and accounting. The new edition includes an expanded section on the Board of Directors, a discussion of the revised Form 990, new policies to help you comply with governance concerns, and more. If you need assistance with a specific question, please contact our helpline at

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State of Giving

Authors: Greg Chaillé & Kristin Anderson

State of Giving makes the case for nonprofits and their supporters as undervalued pillars of civic structure, as cornerstones of progress, and as crucial to the future of a prosperous Oregon. It’s an accessible call-to-arms, and an essential text for anyone interested in strengthening their community and their state. State of Giving introduces readers to the men and women from all walks of life at the forefront of efforts to combat Oregon’s most enduring challenges, including: Education Inequity, Environmental Conservation, Social Inequity and Discrimination, Hunger and Homelessness, The Urban/Rural Divide, and the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Funding. If you need assistance with a specific question, please contact our helpline at

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Oregon Nonprofit Sector Report

The Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO) and Portland State University’s (PSU) Institute for Nonprofit Management (INPM) collaborated to publish the Oregon Nonprofit Sector Report (ONSR) that informs key decision makers in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors about the economic relevance of the nonprofit sector. This comprehensive report examines the sector as a whole—including a description of the size and scope of the sector, the current condition of nonprofits and clues about their economic and social relevance, and social impact of the nonprofit sector in Oregon.

The ONSR provides crucial information for public policy decision makers, philanthropists, and nonprofit leaders in their attempt to reorganize relations between nonprofits and government while dealing with the consequences of recent financial crises—the effects of which greatly influence Oregon’s state budget cycle and consequently the budget of many of the state’s 22,000+ nonprofit organizations.

Download the full report (PDF, 1.3 MB)

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