The Oregon Mentors Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to select mentoring and youth programs to participate in Nonprofit Association of Oregon sponsored programs and activities. Eligibility is limited to mentoring programs that are registered with Oregon Mentors. To see a list of eligible organizations please visit Oregon Mentor's website:

Scholarships can be used purchase network season passes, attendance at individual network sessions, workshops, NAO membership fees, publications, and attendance at workshops sponsored by the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

This scholarship fund is made possible by support of Oregon Mentors.


To apply for a scholarship for a network season pass, network event, or workshop, fill out the scholarship application and fax it to 503-236-8313, attention “TA Funds” or send to: TA Fund Coordinator, 5100 SW Macadam Avenue, Suite 360, Portland OR 97239.

Oregon Mentors Application (PDF)
Oregon Mentors Application (Word)